The Rules

The Rules are simple.
No Stores are allowed to participate in this train and store links are prohibited.

Everything will be posted on the Facebook Group page.
  1. Palette submissions will be accepted between the 15th and the 20th of the previous month for the train that will be two months out. 
  2. A Poll will be posted for Palette choice between the 21st and the 25th of the month.
  3. Theme will be discussed between the 26th and the end of the month. 
  4. Sign-ups will be open on the 1st of the following month and a sign-up form will be posted on the Facebook Group page. A newsletter will be sent out as a reminder with links needed for your blog.
  5. A 'Check In' post will be posted on the 20th of the month and if you do not check in with a preview by the 28th of the month, you will not be included in the train.
  6. All previews MUST be posted by the 28th of the month to ensure your participation and include the Palette/Theme used
  7. All kits are labeled with that month's theme - please make sure that this is part of your zip file.

Example:  On May 15th, I will start accepting Palette submissions for our 2nd Digi Blog Train that will start on July 1st. On May 21st, I will open the polls up for voting. On May 26th, I will share the winning Palette and we can discuss a theme. Starting on June 1st we will open up the train for participation and you have until June 27th to work on the kit and preview. On June 20th, I will post a 'Check In' post on the group to see where we are at. On June 28th, all previews need to be posted in the photo gallery that will be provided and I will compile a list of all participants and create a slide show for everyone for those of you who want to share. We then ride out on July 1st. 

Participation Rules:
  1. All downloads must be active and FREE for the whole month of the Digi Blog Train. Please make sure that if you have bandwidth issues that you provide extra links just in case.
  2. DO NOT put this kit into your shop until after this Digi Blog Train is over!
  3. DO NOT use 'pay with a tweet' for your freebie download 
  4. DO NOT use your Facebook for the freebie download - if you want to have an add-on that you post on your Facebook, that is fine with me but not for the original portion.
  5. DO NOT use your store to post your freebie. You MUST offer this on your blog!
  6. All kits MUST be designed by you, not your CT. CU items are acceptable as long as you limit the number used.
  7. Post MUST include 'MONTH The Digi Blog Train' and must be the FIRST post in your blog once it starts.
  8. DO NOT post the entire blog list in your post. There may be updates and I would hate for you to keep updating. 
Here is some simple wording for you to use on your blog - this is just an example:

'Welcome to the April 2013 Digi Blog Train: Our County Fair. You have come here from.... insert previous blog (linked) here.... I hope you are having some fun so far. SOME KIND OF WORDING OF YOUR CHOICE, MAYBE A COUNTY FAIR MEMORY.. Here is my contribution/portion..  lmage (linked) or links afterwards .... now head on over to... insert next blog (linked) here... and continue on your journey.

In case you get lost you can find the whole list of participants HERE (link back to The Digi Blog Train's post).

 *If you are unable to follow these simple rules, you will be asked not to participate in the next Digi Blog Train. And I really would hate to do that!!

I know we all have busy lives, so if something comes up, please let me know - either email me or post in our group. This kind of communication will be key to keeping you successful!

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