For our Collectors

For those of you who are not designers but collect our kits here are some simple notes that might help you. Please note that you may have to scroll down the designer's blogs in order to find the post or their link.

  1. All Digi Blog Trains will be held Every Other Month. I will do my best to post a calendar so you can see when the next train will be coming around.
  2. All Digi Blog Trains ride out on the 1st of the month - there is no set time because our designers come from all over the world. So please be patient with those who are still waking up!! :-) The Official list will be posted here by 8pm on the 1st (PST).
  3. Please refer to the Official List posted here as the only valid Digi Blog Train complete list. Each designer should have a link to the 'Prior' and 'Next' blog on the list. 
  4. All Digi Blog Trains contributions will be available for download for the month only and it is up to the designer what they would like to do with the kit after the digi blog train is over. 
  5. All contributors will provide their own download links - this could be 4shared, box,, mediafire, cubby,, skydrive, dropbox or maybe even their own ftp.

Please note the following I am the host of the Digi Blog Train and I am NOT responsible for the following:

  1. Quality: All contributors are responsible for the quality of the kits they provide. I have provided  a list of quality control suggestions to help anyone who needs it.
  2. Downloads: I am not responsible for hosting, providing or any issues that may arise for any contributors downloads. They are responsible for their own venues. If you are having any issues, please politely let them know what the issue is so they can fix it, sometimes things are out of their hands as well, such as a site may go down and they might have to provide another link. Please be patient with our designers if this does occur while they fix it.
If you have comments, questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at:

Subject:  The Digi Blog Train

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